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And Now It’s Done… And Now It’s Started (alternative title: I write)

I’ve seen a lot of 2014 in review: celebrities, events, news, and of course personal looks at the past year. Well, for me 2014 has been an interesting year. And I would say it’s been a good year. I still feel like I’m not a proper writer, probably because the distance between here and successfully publishing (in any sort) can prove to be fatal to my career, so like a mother sending her child to school for the first time, I am hesitant to put my ‘career’ out there to weather the wind of society. However, the difference between this year’s end, and last year’s, is that I am definitely saying I’m a writer. I’m trying my very best (usually unsuccessfully) to ignore whatever shyness and uncertainty there is that’s kept me from going forward in this career, and it feels good. True, I’ve not published anything- but I’m getting there- but simply knowing that I’ve picked something to do feels just about as good (okay, I’m sure actually publishing would be even better, but still…)

So there’s been this decision, and I think that makes this last year quite important! And then there’s this blog, Felicity Prose (or Feli Pro as I’ve occasionally called it in my head). To be noticed you have to do things- I think that’s been the case in just about any situation- and I wasn’t sure what to do about my love of writing, which was part of the reason why I could never call writing my career, because I simply didn’t see how someone could manage to put a novel on a publisher’s desk and they’d miraculously decide it was wonderful. When I found out a few months ago that you have to do things, usually write a blog, that at least helped me understand what direction I was supposed to go in. And, having started a blog and written several posts – and more importantly I have people actually following it! – I feel that I’ve accomplished something. I feel that my writing might eventually go somewhere. And that gives me hope for the new year.

I don’t know what 2015 will bring, and I know it’s better not to plan ahead for something you don’t have any control over, only to plan for what you want and need instead of pretending you know what will happen in the next day. Basically: I’ve decided to write, but I cannot possibly say that one of my novels will be published and unbelievably popular.

So, keeping in my mind that I have no control over what happens in the big picture, I’ll try to give a little account of what I’ll be doing. Here on Felicity Prose, I don’t really know what will happen. There are backstories and ‘interviews’ one can give your characters, which I never do (it’s a part of my process) but it’s quite possible I will get into that. In several of my stories there are whole sections that I had to include in the draft because they helped develop the characters, but made the story messy. Now I may be able to include it as background information that doesn’t necessarily have to actually exist. And the ‘interviews’ are supposed to help one figure out your character by asking them random questions, and I may as well include them here.

As for what I am planning for writing in 2015, again I’m not really sure. I was concentrating so much on my Civil War story that it will take a month or so to come up with enough to write a story, but there’s something coming. So far it doesn’t really make sense- I love it that way! So far, it’s a little more fantasy, possibly medieval, involving a magical necklace and a situation where some characters have to wait to see if something was successful and a group of outlaws who live in the woods.

Now many of these things are inspired by things that I wouldn’t mind doing. That’s basically how my love of writing started- by simply creating situations or things you want to do or, as in the case of it being set (possibly) in the medieval time, there’s the problem that I’ve never written a medieval story.

Now you know the basis of my new idea, which I will probably write for one of the Camp NaNo’s, but it will most likely sound completely different when I’m actually writing it and when I get to the point where it’s done, it will be so changed I will probably be able to use the original idea somewhere else.

This is what I have planned so far, but it is by no means the only thing. I need to edit several stories, which will take a great deal of concentration. (don’t I sound so professional)

So I am ready for the new year (yeah right) . I am ready to find out where I am going and what will happen. Life is always an adventure, and I am interested to see where this new path is going to go.

I hope 2014 was a good year for all of you. And more importantly, I pray 2015 will be a good year for you.

And I guess that’s it for me. I won’t be able to get on tomorrow, so this will be it – the last post of 2014. And that is not a great accomplishment, nor anything worth taking note of. But the fact that I am here doing this – not something I would have expected in the least- is amazing. I have been bless in this strange year. it might only be a hopefulness that’s based on wishing, but I think 2015 will be an even better year, and I hope to get a lot done in my life, Lord willing.

I only have one final, admittedly dramatic thing to say: I am a writer.