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Acceptance Speech Time!

Well, I made it! 50,000! Actually I made it on Wednesday night, and then I realized I should say something about it- and then I came up with something bigger to do, sense it was just recently Thanksgiving and I realized how many things have helped me in this story. So I’ll go ahead and do something Oscar acceptance speech-style.

*hysterical giggles* First of all I’d like to thank the brilliant minds behind Nation Novel Writing Month! *gasp* Without you I probably wouldn’t have written numerous novels, including this novel. You’re the best!

*talking very quickly* I would also like to thank all my family for their patience with me and willingness to let us do this crazy trial! We wouldn’t have made it this far without you! (of course I need to make sure they take a look at this post) Thank you, Daddy, for letting me use your laptop so much! *wiping away a tear or two*

I would like to thank Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, *gasp* David Crowder Band, Newsboys, Jars of Clay and so many others for creating music that inspires me and helps me to write. So many scenes and emotions were inspired by your creations!

*starting to feel like I’ve been onstage too long but I must write this!* *Shaky voice* And there are so, so many other people that helped in the creating of this story- Shelby Foote and many other people who wrote about PTSD, as well as the veterans who were willing to speak about their struggles. You made my story real.

And last but far from least (in fact the inspiration for this idea) I must thank Doctor Who for the many years’ worth of timey-wimey training to help me figure out the timey-wimey stuff in my stories. With that training, so many plot holes have been mended, so many plots have been born and- most likely- so many possible readers will be totally confused! But I couldn’t have done it without you, Doctor Who. Most of my stories probably wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for you (and therefore I might’ve written much likelier, sensible stuff) (Douglas Adams, I still can’t match your wit. The world won’t know a genius like you again. RIP)

Thank you! Thank you, so much! Thank you again! *gasp and sob. Stumble off stage*

Now I just need to finish my story!

(In writing this, I must also remember the people who may not make it. They still can! There’s another day! My sisters are writing amazingly and their stories sound fantastic! You are doing a great job- this goes for all the people doing NaNoWriMo who might not make 50,000.

It is so not right when Word decides to have problems with your document so about 1,000 words are lost when you’re at the end of November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe me, sister dear, millions of NaNoWriMo-ers feel great sympathy for you! Many prayers and wishes that your story gets pulled up again successfully! You- and it- deserve it!)