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The Final and Christmas

Well, I actually got the final part of The Melancholy up, though of course the whole thing can be read at Wattpad. It’s not quite Christmas yet- at least here. (very sorry it’s late!!) I hope everyone enjoys it!

So, tomorrow’s Christmas and I doubt I’ll get a chance to get here tomorrow. I pray everyone has a great Christmas and a blessed day tomorrow. I hope that however you celebrate it, you will enjoy it and the day would be a memorable and good.

My Dad is out of a job at the moment and, of course, we were all hoping that there would be something by now. It’s easy to imagine that, without some steady, continuous provision of money, something like Christmas will be bleak and unpleasant.

And my Mum just brought out a great handful of gifts. We have far more than I would ever have expected right now. But I don’t particularly care that there are gifts under the Christmas tree, but that’s not what Christmas is about. I’m just grateful for what we have, I am learning that Christmas does not depend on money.

I’m starting to understand what Charles Dickens meant in the Christmas Carol when Scrooge says something along the lines of: “The spirit of Christmas will strive within me all the year long…” The spirit of Christmas is, of course, one of love and thankfulness and joy- and so much more than I can explain without getting so excited I get carried away and it doesn’t make sense anymore. But I can say, with a prayer that I can keep to it, that I will try to let the spirit of Christmas strive within me all the year long.

And I thank all the men and women who are working to keep us safe, abroad in other lands or patrolling the streets. God bless you.

I cannot finish without adding one more thing. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who have lost someone. It must be hard, especially if you celebrate Christmas. And I especially want to remember the people who have lost someone or experienced some trouble at Christmastime. I pray tomorrow will be a peaceful and good day for you. I don’t really know what you’re going  through, or what your personal difficulties are, but I pray you will have courage and strength and peace to work through it.

Finally, as Tiny Tim observed: God bless us, everyone

‘The Melancholy’ Cover

I should probably just work on writing the story and get it all uploaded, because this post is technically useless. But I thought I should probably show the cover I’ve decided on for my Christmas short story.

Hopefully uploading the cover here will help me make sure I get this done. I am hoping to be able to definitely finish the story tomorrow and then put it up online.

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks of the cover, of course. I don’t think it’s the most ideal, I think I could improve on it, but I’m also trying not to spend too much time on the cover, when the story is the important thing. (which is why there are cover designers!)

The picture is one I took a few days ago. It was raining one day, and I was hoping to take pictures then, because I wanted something that would imply it’s Christmastime- but it’s a bit off, a little sad, not the typical, white Christmas. I didn’t get good pictures then, because I went out too late. However, the frost next day was quite spectacular due to the rain. I got pictures of frosty tumbleweed, frosty bushes and then our frosty car. This picture is from our frosty car and I thought it gave a good implication of it being winter, and therefore possibly Christmas, but very hard and cold.

I had trouble with the title and credits, mostly because they wouldn’t show up, so I hope everyone can read the title easily.

Anyway, having done that and tested the picture posting (which I’ve wondered about) I’d better get back to writing…

Part 2 of The Melancholy

Well, I’ve published the second part of my story The Melancholy onto the page Online Reading. I put it at the top for convenience. By the way, believe it or not, today was the first time I took a look at my blog (crazy week) and saw that the Online Reading page was not visible in the front. I’ll go on looking around and try to figure out why it’s not there, but until then just search for it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

As for my story, I still haven’t finished yet. As soon as I do, and as soon as I have a good picture for the cover, I’ll upload it onto Wattpad, as was recommended to me by someone quite brilliant. That will- hopefully- be in a few days, but I’ll still put the last part up here next Wednesday so no one has to read silly blog posts on Christmas.

Christmas story coming up!

So, I usually want to write a story for Christmas and then life gets too crazy. Well, I thought that would be the case again (actually life is really crazy) but I’m just going to go ahead and try it. Further more, I decided I will publish it online, and it will be about 3,000 words long. This will be a challenge for me, and it will most likely be quick pace in a not-very-nice way, so I apologize in advance if it doesn’t make sense. I will publish it 1,000 words (or so) per Thursdays.

Something interesting happened today though. An update (I think) was disagreeable to the computer I’m using, so I was unable to get to the story today and I didn’t work on it yesterday either. I was hoping to be able to write it all at once and then edit it. But I couldn’t do that, so I’ve decided to be even more daring and publish the 1,000-words parts before I’ve finished the story! I think it will be an interesting experience for my readers to look at something written Panster-style, and how I usually write, where I don’t properly know how the story is going to end. Therefore, I apologize again because this means it may be even messier and more confusing.

Now, to explain the story. It definitely needs background, but I don’t really want to do it in the story, so here’s my opportunity to explain it a little. That’s what blogs are for, after all.

It all started with a dream. I don’t have many interesting dreams- but one prompted this story. I dreamt there were zombies (of a not very gory type) who were trying to get in the house. Then he gradually lost interest, even when I had to open the door for my dog, and then he started to die. After that, my sister was intent on naming him. I think it was Chris.

So, here’s the result: The world is post apocalyptic (just ruined cities, no proper businesses, stealing and killing is perfectly normal. No burning skies or anything extreme), and there are 3 important groups of people. There are the Zombies, who are basically random groups of people that have gone crazy, and their craziness is contagious, but they’re not literally zombies. Then, as in my dream, when they are dying, they become more human.

Then there are the Christeners, who go out of their way to find out the names of the Zombies, who were usually people who had gone missing. There are lists of names, sometimes just rumors, sometimes it’s just facial recognition.

Then there are the Fighters, who deal with threats, which is usually the Zombies. There’s one particular Fighter who is intent on getting enough to live on and be happy, which would obviously take a lot. And there’s a particular Christener who’s especially good at what she does.

Then there’s the EPT machine (which stands for Emotional and Physical Transmitter. I’m not very good at coming up with such names, so I’ll probably just call it EPT). This machine, of which origin I’m not quite sure of, allows one person to connect their correct brain areas to someone else and allows them to feel something. Example: The ‘host’ listens to exciting music that makes them think of running or dancing etc. and the ‘guest’ feels the rush and excitement. It’s generally used as a kind of final wish for people who want to feel something nice or happy, or else for former Olympians or runners who can no longer do their sport

I think that about covers the explaining. Of course I haven’t figured everything out yet, such as how it’s going to be a Christmas story. Of course I can put in that it’s late December, but that’s not the same as it being a Christmas story

Finally, this is a sample of my writing and I would love to hear what everyone thinks of it, both fellow writers and others. I would love the advice and thoughts. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

The Bleak Midwinter

Yes, it is possible for New Mexico to have a bleak midwinter, but it’s not the kind some people would think of- especially those states that have snow from November to March! No, there’s no snow on snow on snow. Here, a bleak midwinter is when it’s pretty cold, everything looks gray and brown and tan- and nothing seems to be happening. I am usually thrilled to see a Junco, just because it’s something new to look at (also because I just like small sparrows that come to stay for the winter).

But in this case, what I mean by a bleak midwinter is what happens when Christmas stops being what it’s meant to be and I just turn it into- well, a bleak midwinter. (Or rather the start of winter, which seems much the same as Autumn). It is bleak. It’s dull. Basically: we don’t have Scrooges the way we’re used to thinking of them: old men with hooked noses and grumpy expressions, probably drawn by Arthur Rackham. The Scrooges nowadays are all around us. We are the Scrooges! I mean, after all, Dickens wasn’t making a point to Scrooge that he ought to go out and buy ten presents for each his relatives, panic about that one troublesome brother and wonder if he should bother with getting presents for his friends too. Dickens was saying that we needed to remember the season- and, to put my own, petty twist on it, not let it be a bleak midwinter. Winter can be dull enough as it is.

This came to mind last night when I was thinking about today and all the things I need to do. Tomorrow is going to be busy, so I’m basically going to have to scrunch 2 days in 1, and I wanted to do a little extra. That little extra, taking photos of Christmas gift bags I’m going to put on Etsy, is especially what’s irritating (and the fact that I need to finish sewing the mug warmers I was working on before Christmas is over)

Then my mum came in and gently mentioned that we could maybe make some Christmas cookies. I immediately thought: “I don’t have time for this.” And then I thought: “Something’s wrong here.”

And then I figured it out. I was being Scrooge, getting into rushing around, trying to make money by using Christmas as a convenient footstool, in a way, something that might help me get the money, and that is never what Christmas was about. I was getting too worried about that, rather than making the cookies. And no, making cookies is not what Christmas is about. But I was neglecting the joy and spirit of Christmas for something that’s not worth it.

This Christmas is going to be interesting, sense my dad is out of a job, and I think it was this that is making me think I need to get something on Etsy. But I just can’t let something like greed or worry make Christmas less than what it really is. That’s just not what Christmas is.

To help confirm this fact to me, this morning I took a look at a ticket for one of the events that’s going on tomorrow. A very dear friend paid for us as a Christmas present- but I didn’t realize that each ticket cost $25! If that kindness didn’t convince me I’d started on the wrong track and I needed to get on the right one, nothing would!

Of course my writing hobby (‘career’) is always affected by Christmas . I always mean to write a Christmas story and this year it got swept clean out of my head due to present difficulties, so it won’t happen again. Someday I’ll do it! Actually my next NaNoWriMo novel might be a Christmas novel! But that’s another story (pun unintentional)