About Sci-Fi Sally

I grew up and have lived in New Mexico all my life. I am a Christian, I was home schooled, and for basically all my life I thought that there was an illusive ‘something else’ coming, which I had to wait for. I am slowly but surely realizing that the something else is this, simply life. To put it all at once, what I mean is that I’m realizing: you take a thousand mile journey one step at a time, but you have to figure out where you’re going before you start.

Now, what am I figuring out to do with my life. Well, I realized that one of my hobbies- writing- I really found enjoyable. I love to create characters, make stories and figure out plots- especially when I discover a plot hole. I realized that I might actually like writing as a career. So, I am taking that hobby seriously and trying to find a place in the literature world for my stories.

I write science-fiction stories and time travel is my specialty. They generally take place on earth or somewhere like earth, often in a history either different from our own or else in the future. My stories are basically plot-driven, but I take care to develop my characters and settings.

The mood of my stories, I often think of myself as writing stories that delve in dark subjects but take a light look on it. I have written a few stories set at the end of the world, but with a hopeful subject. (as a side-comment, I occasionally put in some humor)

As for my writing style, I like to experiment, and I think it would probably be best to read it to tell how I write. I think it tends to be straight-forward and easy to understand (or so I hope) but not simple. I have not really seen any novels published recently that have the same sound, but at the same time I think my writing would probably fit in with the modern audience.

Target audience: anyone that likes to read science-fiction, particularly time travel. If you like Doctor Who, you’ll probably like what I write. I am interested in writing some Christian fiction, as much of my writing involves (hints or tends toward) that subject, but I don’t want to be limited to that genre.

Last but not least, I am interested in doing freelance writing, ghost writing and copywriting. Here are some subjects I’m interested in writing about:

1. health/exercise. I do not have experience as a nurse or anything of the kind, and I’ve seen a lot of job opportunities that have required such knowledge, however, I would be interested in doing research into specific subjects, such as some condition or remedy. As for exercise, that’s something I enjoy and appreciate, so I think it would make a good subject for me to write about, particularly on fitness websites or magazines.

2. writing. Sense this is the line of work I’m doing, obviously I am interested in talking about it. I can talk about anything and everything: my stories, plot development, characters, writing styles, my experience, platform, blogging, etc.

3. music. I love music and I have some experience playing a violin, guitar and piano (in order of experience) and I would be willing and interested in writing about it. I particularly enjoy music composed for movies, and I have fairly good knowledge of film composers.

4. animals. I love almost all animals, especially dogs, and I can write about them easily.

I am interested in doing research on some subject other than the ones I have mentioned here.

So, as I said, I am interested in freelance writing, and copywriting sounds like something I can do well. But writing fiction is what I like best.

And that’s what you can expect here on Felicity Prose. I’ll talk about what I’m writing and the progress I make- basically just a journal. Well, okay, it will just be a glimpse of my life, mostly to do with writing, but I hope you enjoy it.

So- I’m a writer. I create worlds and dream up adventures. And this is my day job: life, and trying to figure out where God will lead it.



3 thoughts on “About Sci-Fi Sally

  1. Hi, Sarah. Thanks for ff. my blog. I like your spirit.
    Tho not a sci-fi writer, I have a few suggestions that may help the development of your career (if career is what you want): 1) get in a writers critique group if you haven’t already; 2) invest some $$ in the design of your website; 3) attend writers conferences–for networking and developing your skills (we all have to do that). Oregon Christian Writers has three one-day conferences + the big summer conference in August; and, 4) check out jillwilliamson.com; 5) several more ideas I can help with if you’re not put off with my brashness.
    Item 4 might be the best place to start. Jill is an excellent teacher; has won awards and published YA sci-fi books; she’s a member of OCW and is an all-around neat gal. I can help you with the other three items if you need. Just let me know.
    Yes, I know all of this is somewhat presumptuous but I just turned 75 and if I can help, let’s get it going.

    • Hello! In case you don’t take a look here, or you don’t get a notification, I’ll give a little synopsis of my reply to your comment. I pushed on the wrong button and didn’t reply to your comment (shows you I don’t really know what I’m doing, when I don’t do the most convenient thing automatically!)
      Anyway, I really appreciate your suggestions. I’ll go ahead and take a look. Thanks!
      God bless and happy new year! 🙂

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, I appreciate it. And I definitely appreciate your suggestions. The Oregon Christian Writers conference sounds interesting and I’ll check it out too. (tips are always welcome, even if they may embarrass me, which yours did not)
    I’ll take a cue from your “brashness” and explain the situation. Unfortunately, for the time being my options are limited, but I am hoping to be able to look into some of your suggestions soon.
    2015 will be interesting for me because I will be looking into that sort of thing- webinars and conferences- and trying to work toward that. Lord willing, something will happen. As it is, getting random advice from people online is very nice! Thanks again.
    Happy new year! I hope this year is great for you, God bless!

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