I write, and that’s mostly what I do- besides the rest of life, of course. I’m exploring several different kinds of writing, actually, and that’s been interesting- short story, freelance writing, guest blogging, copywriting and fundraiser letter writing. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I had my first, official day of having too much of writing! I was actually tired out, and kind of bleh-ed for the rest of the week too, but it was satisfactory to be tired out by something I’ve basically picked as my career- as long as I stop getting mixed up about all the options!

But I also sew- a lot. I could go on for a while about how much I sew, and how much I enjoy it too, but I want to keep Felicity Prose focused on one thing more than getting messy. However, sense this is a good place to show some of what I do, and what’s available too, I’ll get into my hobby a little.

I’ve sewn a long time- what seems like all my life- and we did 4-H for a while, which I thought was only for sewing projects. I specialize in clothes, and I always mean to try making clothes for other people but for some reason I never get very far. Then I heard about Etsy and I’ve been working on making things to sell online. It took me a while, but my sisters and I have finally managed it!

I’ll especially do bags of various kinds, because I seem to be most comfortable with that. But I’ll experimenting with other things and I may as well mention that I’d be happy to make something specific for someone, if you’re in the United States. Also, if anyone else happens to be on Etsy I’d love to hear about it and find your shop! And, of course, if you know someone that’s on Etsy (or wants a red and white tote bag) then please tell me.

The bag here is one of the two things I’ve put up, and hopefully there will be more coming. Here is a link to my shop, which is called SallySewing:

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