The Final and Christmas

Well, I actually got the final part of The Melancholy up, though of course the whole thing can be read at Wattpad. It’s not quite Christmas yet- at least here. (very sorry it’s late!!) I hope everyone enjoys it!

So, tomorrow’s Christmas and I doubt I’ll get a chance to get here tomorrow. I pray everyone has a great Christmas and a blessed day tomorrow. I hope that however you celebrate it, you will enjoy it and the day would be a memorable and good.

My Dad is out of a job at the moment and, of course, we were all hoping that there would be something by now. It’s easy to imagine that, without some steady, continuous provision of money, something like Christmas will be bleak and unpleasant.

And my Mum just brought out a great handful of gifts. We have far more than I would ever have expected right now. But I don’t particularly care that there are gifts under the Christmas tree, but that’s not what Christmas is about. I’m just grateful for what we have, I am learning that Christmas does not depend on money.

I’m starting to understand what Charles Dickens meant in the Christmas Carol when Scrooge says something along the lines of: “The spirit of Christmas will strive within me all the year long…” The spirit of Christmas is, of course, one of love and thankfulness and joy- and so much more than I can explain without getting so excited I get carried away and it doesn’t make sense anymore. But I can say, with a prayer that I can keep to it, that I will try to let the spirit of Christmas strive within me all the year long.

And I thank all the men and women who are working to keep us safe, abroad in other lands or patrolling the streets. God bless you.

I cannot finish without adding one more thing. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who have lost someone. It must be hard, especially if you celebrate Christmas. And I especially want to remember the people who have lost someone or experienced some trouble at Christmastime. I pray tomorrow will be a peaceful and good day for you. I don’t really know what you’re going  through, or what your personal difficulties are, but I pray you will have courage and strength and peace to work through it.

Finally, as Tiny Tim observed: God bless us, everyone


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