Finished and- well….

I’m done with that story! It’s not my first Christmas story. My first is slightly horrible.

And somehow I’m not quite satisfied. I figured out how I wanted the story to end, and yet it didn’t really get there. So in a way, I apologize for it’s abruptness. Due to the limited amount of words, I had to say what I wanted to say without subtly, and I am glad for the challenge. But a part of my annoyance may simply be that I’m over-thinking it.

Anyway- this isn’t a very good way of advertising my short story! I can say, with certainty, that I’m glad I wrote it. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline enough so that I think I have to go on with it. So, I will continue in this world and hopefully write another short story next Christmas. I don’t like to make such plans so far in advance, but in this case I think it’s good to set myself that challenge. I also think it will help understand this story.

So, I’m finished with my story. I’ve basically wrapped it all up and I really look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it.

Here is a link to the complete story on Wattpad:

I must admit, it’s quite thrilling to see one of my finished products online, looking official and very book-like- and with the ‘1 Reads‘ shown, even if that was me looking at it. It’s a very promising and encouraging way to end this year- and I look forward to seeing what happens next year!


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