Further Bloopers…

In case you’re wondering, the title of this post was given it because I had a post that was scheduled to come up on the 1st of December. For some reason it hasn’t shown up, much to my disappointment because it had some fun stuff on it.

The explanation of this post is that one often makes mistakes on one’s story- naturally- and now I can publish my bloopers! So here are the ones that aren’t missing (maybe it will show up next year)

Mark stopped strubbling…”

I wasn’t paying attention to the screen. (I’m pretty sure strubbling is walking through slush)

“… Throughing him to the ground…”

Same problem

“… without the air being sucked out of my lunch.”

It was supposed to be lungs.

Context: the scene is from Mark Kingston’s perspective: “But the only reason why he thought about this- the last thing he’d heard Mark say…

I’m wondering if Mark has a problem with split personality as well as PTSD!

… He wanted to slow or stop Shelby from making a movie he disagreed with.”

It was supposed to be move.

… That snot a solution.”

Originally it was supposed to be: That’s not a solution, but I’m apparently writing the 4 year old boy version here.

“… making everyone reacted…”

I wrote the sentence at two different times. Not a good idea!



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