The Drifter’s Course: Time

It’s nearly November! NaNoWriMo is here!

This year I’m doing the 3rd part to my Civil War story.

Just as a quick “behind the scenes” thing, this story was originally- at the very beginning- intended to be an article/essay. I was challenging myself to learn about the Civil War- a subject I knew very little about- and to write something about, most likely my own opinions on the matter. Well, that was when I found out I am really bad at writing my own opinions about things, at least when it comes to imagining it in book form, as I was doing (think C.S. Lewis, serious-type thing)

Well, the story took several confusing turns, until it came to be a story about a brilliant professor figuring out how to travel through time and possibly turn his time machine- which allows one to be able to travel to the past and be ‘invisible’, that is: people are not fully aware of them- into a college course. I love this idea because it sounds funny, but for some reason I’ve never managed it fully. So anyway, they decide to send a couple of test ‘students’ to see how it goes and… well, things happen.

And now I’m on to my 3rd story. I actually don’t know if it will be my last- because I don’t know how complete the story will be by the end- but it’s most likely my biggest yet.

So, here is a link to my page on the NaNoWriMo website:

I have trouble with writing synopsis’. It’s hard to explain a story, especially when you’re trying to avoid certain plot twists. And with this story there’s too much going on for me to include everything and make it make sense. But anyway, I am fairly pleased with this synopsis and here it is (hopefully I’ll manage to put up an excerpt):

Mark Kingston has traveled to the past twice, and he thought that would be it. He, his friends and everyone involved with the Drifters’ Experiment are on the run from a powerful and dangerous group and they are cut off from the machine that allows them to travel through time. So it may seem that the time traveling has come to an end.

But then a second machine is made. And Mark has a mission to complete- a decision to make. He can change one of the many moments in history that seemingly went wrong and- if he should be successful- might change the course of history for the better.

But that is not when Mark’s trouble begins. Time itself does not want anyone changing history, and it can go to any lengths to keep them from doing just that.

This chapter of Mark’s life is coming to a close, and there’s no telling where the next chapter will lead or if Mark will be able to carry through to it.

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