Felicity Prose…. Happy Literature

I don’t know if I do write happy literature, actually. I am apparently famous (in my household) for torturing my characters. I rarely ever literally torture my characters, but they’ve been impaled, had problems knowing which consciousness they’re brains belong to, fought at Gettysburg, traveled through time with disastrous results (in one case he forgot everything and was taken back in time to his younger self, which isn’t technically a bad thing, but losing one’s memory is inconvenient when the world is about to end and you’re supposed to stop it. In another story, a character got lost between the times and kept hopping around through history). In a story I will be writing in November for NaNoWriMo, my character will be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (not fun) and in the story I am working on currently I’ve already given my character telekinesis (with the added problem of temperamental blindness), not to mention the fact that just about everything and everyone he cares about has been destroyed (I actually put him through such unpleasantness quite by accident). So I guess I do torture my characters (again, not yet literally, because torture would be quite difficult to write) and I don’t write happy literature.

But I am happy when I write (and I basically only write literature, because nonfiction is dull for me to write, except in this case, when I get a chance to talk about myself). And that’s what I mean: Felicity Prose, because I typed in ‘fiction’ looked at synonyms and found literature and from there found prose, and I thought Felicity Prose sounded pretty cool.

I thought I should explain that, just so you know that my name isn’t Felicity Prose- it just expresses what I do and that I like doing it. And sense I’ve brought up some of what I’ve put my characters through, I feel I owe an explanation as to why I do it- although sometimes I don’t have a reason. But I don’t think I can explain or show you what I do to my characters because that would take quite a long time, so I’ll just post things from my stories occasionally.

So… here’s to felicity prosing……

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